West Florida Behavioral Health consists of caring physicians providing treatment to adults at the Pavilion, a full service psychiatric facility located on the campus of West Florida Hospital. Our physicians and staff understand that life's difficulties sometimes lead to depression, anxiety and emotional turmoil. They recognize that those who find themselves in one or more of these situations need understanding, as well as professional and emotional support.

Treatment is available for individuals 18 years and older who are experiencing acute or chronic mental illness or severe emotional disturbances. Individualized treatment plans are developed and regularly revised to meet the needs of the patient based on psychiatric, medical, family, educational, social, spiritual and vocational factors.

Patients are referred to our facility in a number of ways, such as, by psychiatrists, other physicians, psychologist, mental health professionals, community agencies, employers, the judicial system, clergy, families, and by self-referral.

West Florida Behavioral Health's services are covered by most health insurance plans. For more information, call directly to the Pavilion at (850)494-5000.

Patients receive the highest standards of care in a secure, confidential and therapeutic atmosphere

Our services are hospital in-patient services only. We do not have out-patient appointments.

Services we provide

We offer a variety of services including but not limited to the following:

  • Assessment And Diagnosis
  • Medication Management
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation
  • Consultation Services